Puthiya Nambikkai (New Hope)

The name ‘Puthiya Nambikkai’ (New Hope) depicts the vision of ‘Model Prison Project’. Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry under the divine light wants to lay down greater emphasis on the complete jail ecosystem. Whether it is the inmates or their families or the jail staff and their families, Puthiya Nambikkai will focus on the convicted inmates so that they can be reformed and rehabilitated to normal life in the community. The SAS also wants to involve the families of the convicted inmates in this reformative and rehabilitative initiative. The holistic and amendatory approach that SAS will follow also includes the prison staff as the sincerity, devotion and tactfulness of the prison officials also help in the process of inmates’ rehabilitation. Sri Aurobindo Society is confident that activities like Theatre, Music, Painting, Skill Development, Counselling, Clowning, Movement Therapy, Puppetry, etc will create a positive impact on the whole ecosystem of the Prison. Under this initiative, Sri Aurobindo Society has also set a target to create some entrepreneurs from the families of the inmates and jail staff and do a complete hand holding to establish a successful start-up.