Motivation Lecture through Nature

Motivational lecture through Nature

Nature is a constant reminder of both impermanence & also our resilience. Life adapts to so many contrasting environments. Life overcomes so many challenges & obstacles like nature and constantly evolving over the ages to become stronger & adaptable. With this concept a series of motivational lectures and interactive sessions are imparted on Natural Health. Emphasis was given on self-care system by natural products which can restore health and wellness by working with the inborn curative powers of the human beings. Prison inmates and the Jail staff were taught forms of healing which take into consideration of the whole person, mind, body, soul, emotions and consciousness by bringing balance and harmony to life and whole ecosystem. Prison inmates were told about the importance of Nature to have a calming effect on our stress levels. Beautiful natural surroundings and profound ecosystems can feel like worlds away from our home and work life and bring joy and internal delight.

Prison Inmates offered the Jail Produce to the subject matter experts